Thursday, November 19, 2009

One of the many treasures I have been working on to put in my new retail space. This window frame I found at a yard sale. It looks like something made from paint stirrers. It wasn't, but the construction reminds me of that. I added lace to be the valance in the window and then tried to decide what to plant in the planter box in front. Loving old plates and tarnished silver as I do, I thought, hey, why not plant some dishes and silverware. No watering necessary! Won't wilt, fade or die! I even bent a few pieces to resemble trailing ivy. OK does this mean too many summers in Germany seeing all their full, lush window boxes and knowing I can never get mine to grow like that so I substitute what I can get?

Here it is, the official logo of Chipped to Perfection, my booth space at Nellie's. I wish I could say that I designed it all myself. But alas, I pasted and copied and altered a ready made image in Print Artist. Now if only I could get my blog logo to look like this too!

OK, not the most interesting photo, but I wanted to show off my carpentry skills. I built the display corner shelf out of 2 free doors (from craigslist), nuts, bolts, and screws I had lying around the garage, shelf brackets I picked up at a yard sale sometime ago and scrap wood from the trash at a building site. ZERO spent. Finished product PRICELESS. Well, OK, not priceless, but sturdy enough to hold the low priced treasures I will be selling.
I can't believe what a learning curve this whole blogland thing is for me. Be patient. One day I will get it figured out and have real posts with real stuff worth reading.
I did learn to post photos, thanks to my little brother who is a computer genius. This photo has nothing to do with my blog or my stuff that I sell, but it is my newest favorite rose. I bought a few of these when we lived in Germany. Having worked in florists in B.C. (before children) I had to know how this is done. The florist explained to me that they cut the main stem of the rose bush vertically and put each section into a different color water. That is why the different color petals are wrapped into each other. AMAZING BEAUTY!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

new to blog land

Well, "everyone" kept telling me that I have to get a blog. So now I have one. But what do I do with it? I hope to use this blog to showcase my junking style and show off my creations available for sale at Hosanna House in Belton TX and soon coming to Nellie's, also in Belton.