Friday, February 19, 2010

booth remodel

Thanks to all the sales that I have had I needed to fill the holes in the booth space. Having a ton of housework to avoid, I decided that I would redo the entire thing. I didn't change the display furniture, but moved it all around to give the booth a new feel. Hope you all like it!

The new design gives me more display space on the back of the booth so I hung things on the back of the shutters. Now the booth is a vision in (nearly) the round. Actually it is in 270 degrees rather than 360 because another booth is right next to mine.

The view from the top of the stairs has changed as well. Unfortunately the pole is still there--guess it has to stay since it holds up the ceiling/roof. But I work around it and cut it out of this photo for you.

This corner shelf is new to the booth. I like this new color of paint that I am using and if it sells well, you will see more of it. Not really mint green, not really aqua. Just pretty.

These fabric cones or nosegays are some that I made out of new fabrics that look vintage-y and are trimmed with stuff I had in my collection of goodies. Some trims are new, some vintage and some have been in my collection long enough that they are now vintage. :-). I stuffed each one with a sheet of pattern pieces but you can use them for flowers, greenery, potpourri, candies or any other goody.

I love love love these little duck tea lights. So spring, so Easter. Exceptionally cute with a vintage flashcard. I also have chicks in eggs tea lights that are just as cute!

Spring is coming. Isn't it? Because some days it feels like spring and some days it still feels like winter. This display of vintage watering can with plates in a mosaic planter makes me want to get out in the garden and plant. Plant roses, plant daffodils, or plant plates. YES! I plant plates in my gardens. Along the edge to form a border or randomly scattered among the flowers. Great thing about planting plates is that even when I forget to water, or the Texas sun burns up my flowers, the plates still add color to the garden.

NO CALORIES but all the yummy chocolate brown of the real ones!
My kids won't be happy to get these in their baskets on Easter morning, but at least I won't be tempted to sneak a bite (and finish it off!)

All the aqua and brown that I am loving hasn't pushed pink out of my booth altogether. This little wire and paper mache tea cup is a cut way to use a tea light or even use as a vase for flowers.

My favorite glass pitcher has been moved and dressed up for spring as well. I made a bunch (no pun intended) of these carrots a few years ago and all sold but this one. If I can find more orange fabric in the right shade I will make more.

I decided to try something new with something old. I made paper roses from pages of old books. I love the tans and browns of these and mixed them with doily leaves and some sequin strands.

I am already working on more goodies for the booth. Flower brooches made from vintage hankies and Putz style houses 3-4" tall in springy pastel shades.


  1. Cindy, how did I missed those roses made of paper?. They must have sold before I got there.They are beautiful. Teach me how to make them, PLEASE!!!! I almost bought the tea stained linen and then I remember I got a bathtub full of it. Take care friend and keep creating. Blessings, Marta.

  2. cindy, i love those paper roses!! yes, please teach me too!! wasn't there an old song called paper roses? i'm thinking marie osmond but i could be delusional. well, more so than usual.

    your booth looks soooo yummy! can't wait to get back over there. went out this weekend for the first time in ages, but the girls and i headed west to that lampasas warehouse sale. found a pretty cool vintage chest that i plan to paint.

    take care and stay warm!

    terry lee