Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vintage valentines

I love these vintage valentines that I found and added to the booth last week. But since my camera was MIA last week the pics of them are going up this week. I think I have about 15 of them for sale in the booth....each priced individually. I can verify that they are all from 1964-1967 because they came out of MY baby book. I am thrilled that my mom saved them all these years, but really why do I want a card signed with someone's name and I don't even know who the person is? So they go up for sale.

One of the latest additions to the booth is this rocking chair that I rescued at a yard sale. Looking pretty trashy with the ugly upholstery half torn off. A redo job that was abandoned? I don't know. I made this slip cover for the top and stapled on the seat cover in this neutral toile. Added two of my fan pillows and it is a vision of vintage goodness. The gift baskets in the picture are from the booth next to mine. GREAT valentine gifts.

I rearranged and filled in a hole ...only one hole this time. :-(
and set up this vignette. Two of my favorite things at the booth right now are these pitchers, the red aluminum and the glass one. The glass one is chipped and better suited to be a vase or to display tin noisemakers as in this photo. But yummy all the same.

I got two button bouquets made and into the booth finally. They sell out at Hosanna House regularly and I never seem to get enough done for them and my booth. This time the booth won!
I usually put them in old salt and pepper shakers. This particular bouquet has no color theme, a bunch of metallic, whites and browns.
Won't you valentine LOVE a button bouquet. No calories. No wilting.

This hanging hooks is an oldie of mine and I don't' remember if I have ever shown it here. The center is a shoe stretcher and the metal part that is meant to go into the heel of the shoe becomes a hook. I added two more hooks, a wire hanger and there you have a place to hang a collection of old linens, vintage aprons, potholders, keys, necklaces, or whatever your heart desires.

Anyone need a lid? I got the whole booth set up, went downstairs to say good bye and head out the door to pickup kids at school when we heard a CRASH. I knew, I just knew, that it was this shelf in my booth and that the only broken thing would be this lovely set. Violets that look hand painted (but no markings on the bottom) and the only thing that survived the fall was the lid. SO anyone need a sweet violet covered lid? I know where you can get one---cheap.
I am working on Easter and spring goodies and had a sunny, dry day to be painting outside this week. So now I have lots of items that need embellishing and then they will be off to the booth. Net week or the week after....


  1. love it all cindy. i remember that rocker!! it turned out awesome and WHY HAVEN'T THOSE PILLOWS SOLD??? they are sooooo wonderful. i adore them. you have talent, talent, talent!!!
    take care.

  2. oh no! What a lost. Somebody will want that lid.I was planning on doing some shopping but the weather is winning, too cold, too rainy. take care Cindy, continue creating. Blessings, Marta.

  3. i finally made it to your booth a couple of weekends ago, cindy! it's awesome! dana and i bought several things (well, she got more than i did!). but we LOVED it. just stood there chatting and adoring your stuff for over an hour!

    that rocker is killer! love it! am also lovin' your button bouquets! how cute are they?!

    geeeez. what a shame about your beautiful sugar/creamer set. makes me feel sick, so i can imagine how you felt. :-(

    chin up and all my best to you, cindy.

    terry lee