Monday, January 11, 2010

Seeing red....and loving it!

Ohh it's so sweet I think I'm getting a cavity! Hearts everywhere. Fabric pillow hearts on ribbons to give your sweetie that you can hang on the wall, hang on a doorknob, hang on a drawer pull.
The white heart on the left is the other metal cake pan that I painted and hung with beads. I made a little vignette of a rosey hankie and pin made from tie ends to pin on your lapel or tote bag. You could even use this as an ornament if you use a ribbon to hang it.

I LOVE this little ivory metal shelf to hang in the bathroom or over a desk to hold little trinkets. The beaded purse on the bottom shelf is an adorable offering from vintagesue. Add it to your collection by hanging it on the wall and then surrounding it with an empty, ornate picture frame. Or mount it on velvet.
The little silver basket, on the top shelf, filled with chocolates makes one forget the calories!

My favorite is this silver plate vase. I love love love the ruffly edge that reminds me of a doily. Fill with your fav. blooms and dream of spring! Imagine red tulips spilling over in February and then the palest yellow daffodils standing tall in March and April. This is so fabulous that even dandelions will take on an air of importance!


  1. Hey Cindy, hopefully they leave something for me. I went to Nellies today, I didn't know they have Winter hours going on, so I will have to wait until Friday. I'm planning on posting and taking pictures of every shop in Belton, one at a time. People need to know how awesome our little town is. Blessings, Marta.

  2. cindy rongey....those lil hearts you make are adorable. i have them hanging in my house....on my door handles. folks need to see them in person to appreciate them.
    very sweet.