Friday, January 8, 2010

baby it's cold outside

OK OK, I know that in some parts of the US it is way below freezing and there is ice on the roads and snow all over. But that isn't what central Texas is all about. But COLD is what we have. Wind chills in the single digits. And if I have to endure central Texas with the biggest drought in recorded history, the crazy Longhorn/Aggie/Tech fanatics, the fire ants and all then I shouldn't have to also endure this blasted cold!
I am posting a couple more pics of cuties that I took to the booth this past week. Thankfully I got in and out of there before the temps dropped so low. Otherwise I would have put it off for another week. This first pic is a marriage of all sorts of goodies.... a brass easel that lost its rail for the frame to sit on, so I just glued the frame right on! The frame was cute enough as I found it that I did nothing more than insert the key and keyhole. How about this gift for your valentine with a card that says "you hold the key to my heart". Is that too corny? It is sitting on a really great quilt top, all squares about 3 or 4".

This second picture is what I create after too many hours looking at blogs with pictures of crazy, beautiful creations and then think I am inspired to make something just as gorgeous. It starts with a ceramic "thing" that must have had a clock workings in that center hole. But alas when I received this beauty into my life it was an empty hole. I added a piece of gorgeous vintage German wall paper, some fake blue pearls, a rhinestone blingy pin and some scrabble letters.
No need to add a card, this 3D collage already suggests the obvious "be mine".
Tucked in behind this thing of questionable goofiness is a much more predictable fan shape pillow. After I posted both pics, I realized that the red frame is also in front of another fan pillow and that is all coincidence. But wouldn't your valentine love a fan pillow with a card that says "you fan the flames of love in me".
Happy Valentine shopping and STAY WARM!

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  1. cindy rongey....where are all those germany clothes when you need them and may i ask....WOULD WE STILL JUNK IN THIS WEATHER??? in germany...oh yeah!
    i love those lil projects and i think the lady and man in the old altered clock is beyond adorable!!!!
    okay...and WHY ARE THOSE PILLOWS STILL IN YOUR BOOTH???? they are so super cute!!!!
    stay warm...sell lots....keep junking!!!!!
    take care