Thursday, January 7, 2010

love is in the air

I haven't posted to my blog in about 3 weeks because there wasn't anything to talk about!
First off I want to thank all my December customers. YOU ROCK! I was so excited to get my check for December and see how many goodies you all bought. THANKS!
Second I need to toot my own horn here. I have
A) hooked up the new keyboard to the desk top computer and it works!
B) hooked up the DVD player in the van that grandma gave the kids for Christmas and that works!
C) Opened my new camera... a Christmas gift to replace the camera that the kids lots this fall and took all these picture and that worked
AND D) downloaded my first SVG file onto my Cricut and cut it out and that worked too.
I am not a technological minded person and reply on hubby and oldest son and my baby brother to help me all the time so I am PROUD that I did all that alone.

Now on to booth news. It has been revamped for St. Valentine's Day with new merchandise added and more to come. The picture above is a frame that I got dirt cheap. There were 3, this one that is approx. 5X7, another that is approx 8X10 and they both hang on the wall. The third
one is a double 5X7 on a stand and the frames both swivel 360 degrees. I couldn't believe when I got home and saw the obnoxious prices on the backs of these frames. Who pays $50 and $60 for these things? And would they please stop by Chipped to Perfection and pay me (a lot less)!
I framed vintage paper dolls and dresses in each frame. Each one is a little different and will stand alone but they also work together to make a fantastic collection. This one is a beautiful Victorian blue gown that is on yellow rose petals, as if the wearer pressed the roses from a lover's bouquet and used those to back her picture.

This lovely vintage red dress sets the stage for the whole booth. Alas it is not my find at all, but comes to you from vintagesue. Not only is there this lovely dress but also a pair of white ear bobs that go with it for a whole sum of $10! I have a few other vintagesue goodies that I added to the booth too. A black lace vintage dress from the 1960's I think and a really old dress from the 1920's possibly. That one is moth eaten and not wearable any more, but the loveliest of the lot anyway. And her prices are way low, as always.

Some of the other goodies I added are stuffed hearts to hang on doorknobs and drawer pulls to decorate for the season of love that is upon us. Valentine flashcards, blocks, and scrabble letters, Two metal hearts that I painted and hung on beaded wire: you can see the larger of the two, the pink one, in this picture. Catholic statues, German felt St. Valentine ornaments, and some other goodies.


  1. cindy are amazing!!!!! i can't even get my house phone to work and you hooked up all that stuff....awesome!
    okay....i adore the little paper dolls in the frames and those rose petals behind them....who knew???? very ethereal and enchanting.
    awesome for december! awesome for you.
    thanks for showcasing me. as much as i would like to think my things got put in that last show....i'm wondering. that old silk dress from the 20's is total texas material!!! i'm surprise you ended up with it!!! lol....i'll just say that.
    i want to see more of what you made...more, more, more. it is always interesting and makes me want to make stuff too!!!

  2. Cindy, I'm coming tomorrow, to your booth, I want some of that stuff. I knew you will do great. I didn't know what was a cricut until you mentioned. I saw one @ hobby lobby. It's not a cheap gadget, so I guess I will be bying from you.