Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Finally got to the booth today and skipped the post office! I needed my junkin' fix, the heck with Christmas gifts arriving on time.
The first two photos are all vintagesue goodies that went in the booth today. Feast your eyes and run to get them first.

Just some of the tags from vintagesue priced so low that you can afford more than one!

This last photo is some really sparkly jewels of mine. These are priced a bit higher than my usual, but they are gorgeous and not missing any stones. LOVELY ear clips to oogle over.

There are now three more spaces set up at Nellie's. Two more of vintage and antique goodness and one that is high end used clothing. The owner said she used to buy from the hoity toity in San Antonio---people who could only be seen is their things once or twice and then passed them on. Good thing I don't live in that neighborhood!


  1. thanks cindy...i worked so hard on those tags. funny none of those items sold....hmmmmmm.....
    i sold tons and tons of things like that last year...
    yes, i'm glad i don't live in hoity toity town either. i'd have to pay a designer clothes owner association fee or something everytime i wanted to wear vintage hand me downs!! lol
    i haven't made it to the post office either, cindy. it is just one of those years i guess.
    enjoy the booth. i know you are going to LOVE it.

  2. those tags are awesome. and your baubles and jewels are gorgeous. i just hope i can get myself over to belton soon. and very soon!

    glad to hear that things are coming together for you, cindy. you're a better woman than i am ... i couldn't muster the wherewithal to do what you're doing!

    but i support you 100%! :-)

    terry lee

  3. Hey Cindy! It's Marta. Thank you for putting my blog on your blog roll. You are not good for my bank, since I buy your stuff @ Hossana House and @ Nellies. You are as close to Sue's prices and style and you know how much I miss that. You will be drawing people upstairs. I'm planning on featuring the shops in Belton in my blog. Don't you think that litle town got a lot going? Take care, Blessings, Marta.
    P.D. I want people to know how hard making those tags is, I tried and produce 3 tags in 6 hours.