Thursday, December 3, 2009

still waiting

Well, another day goes by with all my goodies hanging out in my nearly freezing garage and nothing moves to Nellie's. A few things (not any of the ones pictured on the blog) did make their way to Hosanna House this week. Button bouquets, Santa mugs, 2 vintage Avon bottles for men---with boxes!

These flowers are made from doilies. I stole the idea from some magazine and then tweaked it to be "all mine". They used three different doilies in each large bloom. Mine are one doily a piece and more like buds. I have even been known to cut the doilies into pieces and make several roses out of one doily and just let the ragged edges hang out. That is what Chipped to Perfection is all about. The less than perfect being beautiful, unique, and even desirable. Anything I sell that is not hand made is either chipped, cracked, or out of style. But you can be sure that someone loved it very much along the way. Kind of like Velveteen Rabbit....loved until all the velvet rubbed off but still adored and more desirable in that shape than brand new. I HATE it when someone looks at anything old and then complains about the cracks, chips and imperfections. If it was in mint condition then nobody wanted it back then and nobody would want it now, either. I rather prefer the well loved, lived in look. Things that have a million stories to tell about who used it, how they used it, who they passes it along to. And since things can't talk, I get to daydream and imagine the stories behind it all.
From the not so old at all, are these adorable paper cuttings.
I would like you to believe that while I watched hours and hours of Cake Boss or Say Yes to the Dress, or Decorating Cents, I cut each of these lovelies with my own nimble fingers. Instead you can believe that on my Sept trip to visit my mom, I cut them all on her cricut, drove them back to TX and then matted and framed them in used, spray painted frames. See, even my new stuff has stories to tell!
I adore these cutouts from the A Child's Year cartrdige for Cricut. And I love the way they turned out framed like this. More to come since I cut at least one of every shape when I was at mom's house and now own my very own Cricut and share cartridges with mom so that I can cut more.
Lately I have been cutting for the school. Just tonight I cut out 35+ snowflakes on the Cricut for the 3rd grade teacher. Much faster and less mess than cutting folded paper by hand and even though they aren't all unique, they are made with love. Since it is supposed to snow as much as 2" tomorrow and/or Saturday here in central Texas, I guess she better get them in the window tomorrow. Then again, being central Texas, those cut otu snowflakes coudl be as close as we get to 2" of snow!

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  1. cindy....go directly to a rental front property and get a store!!!!!! i adore the projects. they are awesome. i am sorry for your frustration.
    why did you get snow before we did? texas waited til i left....hey...we had our share in germany!!!! lol
    take care