Tuesday, December 1, 2009

tempting you with more goodies

OK, so the upstairs in Nellie's isn't ready yet as expected, so all my goodies sit and wait for retail space. Sure hope something happens before too long so all my Christmas goods don't have to wait another year.
My friend, Sue, who is my inspiration in the junk world, gave me a ton of pierced earrings when she moved. Not cool vintage ones, just a bunch of random earrings. When Sue gives you earrings, make an earring tree!
The angel at the top is actually a pin that I bought way back when, thinking Sue would use it in a collage but she wasn't feeling it at the time, so I used it. There is a similar angel on the other side of this tree so that it is 360 degrees of goodness.

Fan pillows. Years ago, and I mean YEARS, I made a quilt for a doubled bed with these fans. I collected different creams and white fabrics, both new and vintage and tons of trims and buttons. I sewed too many fans so I made two of them into fan shaped pillows for you! Do we use the quilt? Not on the bed as we now sleep in the luxury of a queen bed. Right now the fan quilt is acting as a headboard for said luxurious bed. If you like these and they are gone when you get there, let me know. I have more fans and can always create more pillows. However, pillows haven't sold at all at my other space in Hosanna House, so I hesitate to make too many until I see them move out of Nellie's.
And my latest creation of junk goofiness...
A pink rose tea cup on a pink rose saucer...they don't match mind you... filled with three white wrought iron thingys that look like flower picks with stems and leaves, but have taper candle cups at the top. The tea cup is filled with pink lace scraps. What to fill the candle cups with? Well taper candles would be the obvious. If I could find the battery ones that would be better since they are at weird angles and lit candles would drip wax. But how about one single rose in each cup? Real or silk, with the stem cut very very short. I think the canlde cups will even hold a few drops of water to make real ones last longer. Or how about using metal clips to clip photos or postcards to each cup?
While we all wait for the second floor of Nellie's to open, keep checking back to wet your appetite for "Chipped to Perfection" updates.


  1. cindy....i can't stand it!!! i love, love, love what you have done with your crafts. that tree is AMAZING. those fan pillows validate why i junk...because they are so sweet and that teacup with the candles is beyond words. OPEN NELLIES so cindy can sell!!!! love them all.

  2. i'm with sue! lovin' those pillows and that tooooo sweet cup and saucer creation!!!

    sorry to hear about the delay in your opening! hmmm. that's a bummer. hope you can get in there very soon and get sellin'!! the FGs are anxious to hit nellies ... and your booth! :-)

    btw, that earring tree is killer. and oddly enough, those earrings look mighty familiar. ;-)

    terry lee