Monday, December 14, 2009

what was I thinking?

Where did I get the idea that I have time to make and create and sell in my own booth space? Nellie's second floor isn't even open yet and I am feeling unable to keep up.
Sure I set up 90% last week on Wednesday...all excited to go back on Thursday with the forgotten shelves and finish setting up.
Well......instead I was home with a sick child. On Friday I had an obligation to speak at my daughter's high school to four classes. Of course the classes were spread out thru the day so that I didn't have time to get to the booth.
Saturday hubby had to work until the last second when it was time to go to the company Christmas party and our high school daughter was away at her basketball tourney. No child care, no booth primping.
Today, well, I dropped off hubby's car at the body shop, picked up the rental car, ran errands, picked up high school daughter after her finals and then got packages ready to mail but didn't make it to the post office in time before I had to pick up the grade school kids and somehow in the midst of all of that my booth space fell thru the cracks yet again. I WILL GET THERE TOMORROW with vintage sue goodies and finish setting up. I will, I will, I will!
OK, on to what you really want to know....more goodies for the booth. Above is a candle holder that I made by marrying melmac saucer and cup to a painted candle pedestal. Nothing real glamourous or unique, but cute. Hey, it has to be cute, it is pink!
This Christmas book is definitely not the flavor of Chipped to Perfection, but at the booth none the less. Years ago I sold rubber stamps and made this book in a swap. Because I made 5 pages for the books, I got 5 books. This is the last one I have. It is pages of Christmas word songs each illustrated with rubber stamps and embellishments.

Much more typical of Chipped goodness is this cannister set, missing one of the set of four, of course, because nothing is really perfect! It was a HIDEOUS orange with orange and yellow flowers

that was ick, ick, ick. NOT 50's/60's retro goodness, but
50's/60's yuck. Of course the longer it sat in my garage
awaiting booth opening the more the paint chipped so that now there are little bits of orange peeking thru the pink, but that is what makes it perfect, right?

Last, an idea I took from vintage sue and robo margo and made my own. Plates glued to a board with hankies inbetween and dripping with pearls. The three white plates are all from Germany and I had them laid out on the board with hankies when I went to a texas yard sale and found the pink and yellow plates and viola! A marriage of Texmany
(That is like TEX MEX but instead of Texas and Mexico it is Texas and Germany!) Some of my stuff is Texmany since I lived in Germany for four years and brought back lots of treasures but now live in central Texas where I continue to collect goodies and mix them all up.

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  1. is nuts, eh? it will all work out...i just know it!!! if i was there, i'd help out. i have a million things to do and am not even stressed about it because i am not going to do them. i am keeping it SIMPLE this christmas.
    your lil projects are adorable. even the little pink teacup is splendid and those them.
    i would be shopping it up at your booth if i could!!!!!! hang in there lady. loving the blog.