Sunday, December 6, 2009


What are you dreaming of.....
a white Christmas
a booth at Nellie's
obedient children
a football/basketball/hockey/water polo strike so that there are no more sports on TV
oh wait, those are MY dreams today.
I copied an idea that I saved from a magazine a gazillion years ago. The magazine's letters were all made from organic materials with little tags that named the leaf or seeds. Mine are made of whatever was in my craft bin. A "D" ring from a belt, white buttons, pink glitter, aqua ribbon, and some Christmas ornament beads. When hung the letters are more spread out, but for photo purposes, I scrunched them altogether.
Maybe what you are really dreaming of is BLING. Well, I got it! I made a solo road trip recently to visit family and friends and to do some shopping. I scored big at an auction in a little farming community and got a ton on linens and jewels. These are just 1/10th of what I got. They are priced at $5 each, no matter the content or condition! When I buy cheap, I sell cheap.
Cheap cheap cheap! Maybe my blog should be called "cheaped to perfection"!

This is a mail sorter that I got at my favorite secret source. it was a dark olive green with nothing to make it stand out. Guess you could find it in a crowd now, huh? Painted it pink (is there any other color of paint?) and then blinged and decoupaged away. Part of a pearl barette (from above mentioned trip) broken strnd of pearls, pins and earrings that I broke on purpose and a cool flower button from Germany that my friend Sue gave to me--then later saw in my collection and said "hey, I have some like that too". Pink, roses and bling. Does it get any better? Can it make even the electric bill seem less painful when it is sorted into this beauty?

1 comment:

  1. i would have pushed your auction paddle out of the way at that barn auction
    i'm kidding. LOVE THE BLING. i'm dreaming of all those things too i think.
    i'm not sure if the bills are any less painful, but they sure are forgotten about for a while when they are in something pretty!!! hurry nellies....hurry. cindy has cute stuff!!!!!!!!
    take it easy....
    hang in there