Wednesday, December 9, 2009

booth magic

it is here, the booth at Nellie's. Well at least I set it up today...mostly. Forgot the glass shelves to one shelf display and have a few more goodies to take in, but the bulk of the work is done. The upstairs is not officially open yet, but if you ask, they are supposed to let you up there to shop. So stop by and ASK!
This first picture is of the empty room. The building was built in 1887 and has limestone walls. That window in this picture has the most amazing view of the courthouse tower. The white wall was added by the owners to split the upstairs in half. Only half is open for vendors the other half is storage.
First, all the big display furniture went in. This space is 6 feet wide and 4 feet deep and that seems so much bigger in my mind and in the garage than when everything is scrunched in there. The display I made from hollow doors is on the right and one set of bifold doors is on the left with the other set across the top as a shelf.
The top of a hutch I got for $5, painted creamy white is in front of the bifold doors, Isn't it amazing that the hutch is almost exactly 4 feet long and that is the depth of my space. Nope, didn't plan it, didn't even realize it until i got it up there and started arranging things. The two white benches are handmade though not by me and are for sale. Large on $20, small one (on top of brown shelf) is $15.
More than 1/2 way completed. The pile of stuff on the floor in front of the brown shelf goes on the glass shelves that I left at home. My guest book and business cards will go on top of the kitchen cart. After I took this photo I found more stuff in the van and added some baskets and quilt tops on the shelf above the doors. (Sue, can I get any more vertical?)

This is the view when you come up the steps. I am the first booth at the top of the stairs, really. There will also be a booth that backs up to mine and another one that sits on the opposite side, but this side is extra bonus space for me to hand things. I only had 2 hangers with me, so I hung the matching set of wall scones/mirrors/tea cups. The window (from previous post) and other stuff on the floor will get hung tomorrow when I go back with glass shelves, hammer, nails etc.
View from the other side. OOOOH it is all so pink and creamy white and girl-y.
I do have a few Christmas things for those lucky shoppers that get to go upstairs this month still. And I am loving the pink and silver Christmas balls on top of the pedestal I would leave them out througth St Valentine's Day and maybe even until Easter!


  1. oh my gosh, cindy! it's amazing to see the transformation from emptiness to your gorgeous, yummy booth!! great work, girl!!

    we (you know who i mean!) are anxious to visit your new booth. i hope we can get over there soon!

    good luck and all my best to you!

    terry lee

  2. your booth looks wonderful! When you're ready, I'm ready to go! Hopefully there will be some goodies left after you know who gets there-haha

  3. not fair....i'm too far away!!!!!!! did good looks amazing. what a wonderful SPACE....the entire upstairs is brilliant. perfect light. perfect charm. NOW GO GET MORE STUFF cuz that prettiness is going to fly out of your booth. it's simply charming and chipped to perfection.
    take care.