Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring has sprung

I have had such a good time the last week or so making things for the booth. And if I love them so much then why am I not keeping a single thing for myself? BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MUCH!!!
Too much junk, but not too many cameras. Alas, photos are from my cell phone (correction: my teenagers old cell phone) because the nine year old hit my hand while I was trying to take a photo, knocking the camera out of my hand, causing it to fall to the floor and bend the lens holder thingy. I've had that camera all the way since Christmas. This past Christmas, as in less than 3 months ago. It was a replacement for the camera I had before that which was lost by our children.
I am giving up on the camera thing. I have had about a camera a year since the boys were born. Broken, lost, dropped, thrown. But never working well and in my hands for longer than a year.
OK, so with photos from my hand me down cell phone, looky here. I happened upon an estate sale on Friday. The sale at the home of a preacher someone said. Must have been a pretty well to do preacher as the house was chock full of great stuff. Priced higher than the original prices for sure. I did find some lady's gloves. Got 6 pair that made their way to the booth and accidentally got two unmatched gloves that will show up in projects along the way. I also got some lace collars, but that photo ends up being a video that won't download to blogspot. And who needs a video of a lace collar anyway?

I also watched a Sewing With Nancy episode recently where her guest was making all sorts of goodies with hankies. Now there is a sewing project I can really relate to, so I made my own version of hankie flower brooches. Pin them on your lapel, on a handbag, on a gift bag. Some are hankies and doilies, some have some bling sewn in the center.

And my final photo is my baby that I am so proud of. A tiny spring village. The houses and trees are cut from old cereal and granola bar boxes, then painted and decorated. If you look really close you might be able to see the squirrel in the tree on the far left and the teensy tiny bird in the tree on the far right. There are birds, squirrels and bunny rabbits on some of the trees and houses. Right now I have this whole thing priced as a set. Four houses and seven trees all cut, painted, assembled, and decorated my moi.


  1. who knew you could make a village out of boxes. that is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the hankie flower is awesome. i can't believe you broke your camera!!! ack. i'm sure arek has dropped a few of ours along the way.
    don't split up that village. it's sooooo cute as a set. so cute. you better price those good and i know the person that buys them will adore them.
    hang in there

  2. Love what you've done! Looks like spring is right around the corner. :)

  3. Hi Cindy~ It's Sandra from New Zealand here. I just adore the houses. They are so cute. Well done. I think I would love to get that cricut cartridge too just to make the houses!
    I hope you carry on with your blog. I loved looking through and seeing all the treasures you have found, seeing your garden, and family. Brings you a whole lot closer to my world! Talk soon.......for sure :-)
    hugs Sandra