Thursday, August 19, 2010

One more identification please

This is one picture I forgot to upload on the last posting. I bought it at Wal Mart in the perennial section. WOW! It has taken off like crazy and may overtake that whole spot of the garden. I think I will take some seeds from it and start one in the house next spring and plant it in front of the air conditioner to hide that ugly thing from the street. Maybe plant another one in front of some electrical things we also have in the front yard.
ID anyone???


  1. i have one of those in my garden cindy and it does not look anything like that!! mine is half dead and tiny. that texas soil is just great.
    i don't know what kind of plant that is though.
    it's beautiful!

  2. cindy, long time for both of us, ah? That is the kind of plant i need to find, hardy and big so they cover some of the ugly. The Ivy with the purple flower I believe is called jack bean . Before you know it you will have mountains of it, sometimes it will completely disappear and will come back very strong. Are the seeds looking like black eye peas?. You love those around fences and arches. I never got much success with mine, but the lady that I bought seeds from got her fences all cover in it. Super cute yard. I'm freaking out over the fact that I got at least 2 acres of land I want to plant something. We will see, maybe next spring. The new booth at Nellies looks great. You should be able to increase your sales in that first floor. I am moving. I will be posting my new address and how to get there soon. Hope you can come and see us. Blessings, Marta.