Saturday, August 28, 2010

What I bought at the longest yard sale

OK, a certain someone (I won't mention any names) has asked more than once for photos of the goods that I bought at the yard sale bonanza. So at the risk of boring you all to sleep, here we go.
First of all there are 3 things not pictured that I remembered after I had loaded all the photos. One is a set of three windows, each with six panes that I got for $10. NOT $10 each, but 3 for $10. They aren't real real old but they will work for some crafty projects.
Second is an old Samsonite suitcase, the brown ones that are popular for stacking to make a side table that is also storage. Third is a purchase that I took a chance on at an estate sale along the yard sale route. A minty green square compote dish that is stamped "Pfaltzgraff". My mom, my grandma, and I all have (had) Pfaltzgraff dishes and they are have the name written into the clay before firing so the stamping made me do a double take. I paid $10 for it and was assured that the lady who owned it had it "for years".
I researched when I got home and it is apparently made in the 1930's before Pfaltzgraff got into dishware. Might be worth $30---if I can find someone to pay that much for it.

OK so the photos.... above is a chippy white metal carrier meant for picnics to hold paper plates, napkins, plastic silverware, etc. I think it would be better used these days on a desk with pens, paper, envelopes, stamps, etc. I want to find some glass or ceramic inserts for the silverware parts so that pens and the like won't fall thru. $4

The giant polka dot is one of 2 hubcaps that I bought and got teased about the entire trip. I fell in love with the aqua color. The seller told me they are called baby moons and were not painted originally. I think they will look like a couple of giant polka dots on a wall. $5 each and I love them but my mom and sister pointed out every (ugly) hubcap along the way for sale. Which is jsut one of the many, many things that made us laugh along the way.
This camera came from a thrift shop we found north of Chattanooga. So do I remember how much I paid? Not sure, but I think $5.
Burgundy hat was .50. Gloves---four pair---were .50 each.
Counted cross stitch of Mary and Baby Jesus that I plan to to frame. $3.00 Yellow clutch purse is weird. It is like plastic beads that are melted together to form a stiff material. It looks 1960's to me. At this same sale I also got some vintage earrings that I now can't find!
These two bedposts are part of a set of four that my sister and I split. Hers are sitting near her front door. Mine are in the garage waiting for a trip to my mom's. After we bought them she mentioned that if they don't sell in the booth she would like to have them if anyone ever drives to IL to deliver them. We bought the set of 4 for $40 and they are HEAVY! Would I paint them or polyurethane them if I kept them, I just don't know. I think poly first and leave them that way for a time and then paint later if I still wanted to.
This pink and green metal wash basin is possibly the last thing I bought. $2, marked down from $4 because the handle on the left is rusted through. HUH? That makes it worth double, not half!
This is mini stuff for a doll house. This sale was a professional vendor who had his trailer all painted with "longest yard sale or bust" and other sayings to draw attention along the highway. He had stacks and stacks of sets that were all adorable. I don't have a doll house, don't want a doll house but I love doll house furniture. WHY? These were in the mismatched box 4 for $2.
Small bird cage that I got for a whopping .25. I will fill with a nest of aqua shredded paper and a little bird I bought awhile back knowing I would have a nest for her to sit in someday.
A bag of tatted and crocheted odds and ends. Don't know if I will sell as is or use them in projects, but I love love love hand made laces. I can't remember where I bought this or how much it cost!
This bird cage is NOT small and I paid $10 for it. It is not real old and had a made in Taiwan sticker on it that might have been on something else or might be from this bird cage. Doesn't matter to me. I think when this is cleaned and spray painted white or black it will look fabulous.

OK so now you know what I bought. All this plus....some baseballs for my kids, a bracelet and earrings set for one daughter, and the pedal car you can see in previous posts.

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  1. oh cindy.....AWESOME stuff. i would have bought the hubcaps too. they have to be upcycled somehow, right? there must be something you can do with them, right? i can't wait to see.
    i love the silverware/napkin holder thingy and the yellow purse. also that pink enamel bowl!!!!!! can one have too many of those? i have 3.
    yes....birdcage sprayed black or white will look awesome. love it all. i would have bought tons more than you did. yikes.
    hope the booth is doing awesome...
    thanks for postin the pics....