Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bada Bling bada Bling

Got to go to the booth on Tuesday for a quick freshen up and to deliver some more goodies. The downstairs at Moore Garrett CO (formerly Nellie's) is looking really, really good.
OK, it is sideways and foggy, but this bling could blind you if it was clear and in focus! So many rhinestones and pearls it will make your head spin! If you see anything you like and can't get into the shop, let me know and I will mail it to you directly. That goes for anything in my blog, not just today's photos.

And the flip side of the bling is the more colorful, kitschy side. All vintage, all with working clasps. $5 each. What a steal!

I LOVE this little wicker vanity mirror. The bottom is a tray to hold combs and brushes or makeup. The photo is, again, blurry with not great color. Ttaken with my cell phone and the lens apparently needs cleaning badly. The wicker is more white than off white and has pink and blue/green flowers painted on. Draped with a strand of pearl, gloves waiting for the lady of the house. Sitting atop her hat box. Those were the days, huh? When ladies would DRESS to leave the house. Heels, pearls, gloves, and hat.

I think we found one of those ladies still alive and kicking when we made the yard sale trip. Mom, sister, and I started out one day eating a late breakfast, early lunch and stumbled upon this adorable little restaurant in Chattanooga. We knew we weren't dressed quite appropriately, but what the heck. Well, when we all made the trek to the ladies' room after eating we got quite the stares from one southern lady who about fainted when she saw that I had TENNIS SHOES and bobby socks on with my skirt. (Well, I was about to start out on a day of traipsing thru grassy yards and fields and road sides to dig for bargains after all.) We got the biggest kick out of her nose stuck up in the air!
Another sideways shot. A beautiful black velvet and creamy lace vintage dress. The skirt has a 3-4" tear near the hem but this one a really gorgeous. Came from the same estate at the hatbox about.
For the summer brides....a vintage cake topper, matching platter and serving bowl and a photo of Grandma's wedding day. Well, somebody's Grandma anyway! Wouldn't this be a neat display on a guest book table? Or a centerpiece on a dining table.
I love the idea of all the centerpieces at a big party being different, but similar in theme or color. I did this for our daughter's Sweet 16 party. All pink and black and white but all different ( and all from thrift and yard sales). For our 25th anniversary I had all different vintage silver trays and tea pots and bowls filled with white or ivory silk flowers. The great thing about doing centerpieces this way is that it is MUCH cheaper. You can pick up things here and there that meet your color or theme when you find them cheap, instead of having to find 10 or 20 identical matching things that are always more expensive. And then when it is over what are you going to do with 20 identical containers or arrangements? My way, you have all those different things to work into your home or give as gifts or resell.

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  1. wow! your booth looks LOVELY, cindy! so you're downstairs now? sorry if you've already given me this info. i have CRS syndrome. ;)

    i've got to get over to belton. and soon!

    terry lee