Monday, September 6, 2010

Who let her loose with a checkbook?

OK, there is a country song that goes : "I knew what I was feelin', but what was I thinkin'?"
Well it is written about a completely different set of circumstances but that one line fits just as well right here, right now.
I bought out the end of a yard sale yesterday! take a look at my van. (Mom, this is what my van looks like when it is packed FULL, not that little bit of nothing we bought in TN/AL.)

Right sliding door view.
Shot gun!
BACK view Trash bags are aluminum cans to drop of at the high school for recycling, but the rest is all yard sale.
Left sliding door view.

The rest of the pictures are boxes of stuff. I have gone thru about 90% of it already. First of all it is all covered with dirt so every time I come in from the garage, I am filthy.
I have made 4 piles. One is for my own yard sale and booth sales. One pile is to donate to our school flea market. One pile is to try to sell on ebay. And one pile is out right trash.

The seller of these goods was helping a friend clean out her parents' estate and these are the left overs from their antique shop. Some real cool stuff, some "what's that" stuff and lots of common, ordinary, vintage crap, er, priceless treasures that people will pay me a lot of money for.
frames. some with pictures, some empty. some 1900, some 1970.
really old baskets. really really old, with a few more modern thrown in
only one hat and then this doll. The sellers didn't know what she was and neither did any of the customers who gawked at her. She sits in a metal coffee can that is full of something---possibly concrete, Her skirt is pink leather petals sewn in rows onto muslin. She is porcelain or bisque and is missing one arm. And then there is the handle. A doorstop? maybe, but then why a handle? Some sort of home made air freshener? Any ideas???
glassware and odds and ends
glassware, coffee mugs, jars, bottles, and what nots.
A small St Joseph statue, a 1990's picture frame and some brown pottery bowls
more old baskets
This lamp base caught my eye. It is transparent with this color glaze on top of clear glass with gold painted at the top and the base. No lamp parts at all, just this base. Would be a good vase too, if you put a water tight container in it first.
LOTS of clear glassware....stemware, bowls, mugs,
Some cool metal ware under that T fal pan that is most decidedly not vintage or antique but garbage.
this metal rack is cool and fits into a peg board. metal tins, some so old that the paper labels are falling off the rusty metal. a few pieces of lu ray , wooden tray, wooden shelves
cigar box full of tiny glass lids for canning jars. a couple of folder/boxes for tools. One has some tools in it still and two are empty. also a couple for steak knives.

Not pictured....lots of calendar plates from various years. What a cool gift to give someone a plate from the year they were born or the year they got married as a gift!
Some Noritake, some Lefton, some made in Japan, one German dishes, plates, saucers, bowls, etc. Two dolls in their boxes. One is a sweetie doll, or at least looks like the sweetie dolls I saw on ebay, the other is a Miss USA doll with a picture of Miss USA 1964-1965 all still in the box. a 45 record from the back of a Wheaties box, and tons more.

I might get individual pics up this week, or I might not. Depends on how the week goes. If you see anything you want or if you want to come over and pick thru the boxes, let me know. Prices are reasonable. Very reasonable.
If the weeks are kind to me, I will have a Friday yard sale on Sept 17. I had hoped for this Friday but I have a commitment at the school.


  1. OMG, Cindy, what have you done? I hope you make tons of pretty things and sell the stuff quickly. I'm telling you from personal experience, we have been packing for the last 2 weeks and have 25 boxes out of one room alone plus the trash (about 12 more boxes). My back room would qualify for the hoarders show, I managed to freak out my friends, arg. You know what takes the most space? The junk that I bought to make beautiful things. I would need 48 hour days to achieve making stuff with the junk, so it piles. Then again, you actually make something with your stuff. Take care, Marta.

  2. wow. you hit the mother-lode! i'd love to rummage through your newly-acquired junk. i mean treasures!

    will send an email shortly!

    terry lee

  3. hit the motherload!! you need to put some of those items on ebay...especially the little plastic pumpkin and halloween stuff. YOU ROCK. i laughed and laughed at your van. i want to ask you how much you paid. you can email with that info if you want. i am so proud of you. your van reminds me of those times we would see each other in germany. how funny to think that we junked in germany together. we junked in texas together and we both have a blog so we can see what each other junks. it's the best.
    i LOVE the doll. she looks like the top of an old pin cushion and the bottom of some homemade thing. i love her. she's super cool and you need to put her on ebay maybe too. she's one of a kind.
    you found some neat, old stuff. hope it's cooler in the big T so you can work better.
    have fun sortin thru it all lady!!!!
    love this post.