Sunday, September 12, 2010

I bought it and they came!

Terry Lee, Vonetta and Bonnie

Terry Lee, of "all things Terry Lee" ( see blog links on the right) came Saturday morning with her junkin' friends to peruse my garage and left with a handful of delites. Pink metal washtubs, white enamel bowls, yellow plastic purse, scrabble letters and what nots. The best part of the morning WAS NOT the money, though I enjoy making money and recouping what I spend. The best part was watching them ooh and ahh over the very same things that delighted me enough to buy and collect them in the first place. Kindred souls.
Vonetta is the one who likes to set up a photo op so she found this painting from the yard sale leftover stash, added a box that I painted and decoupaged and tried on a hat from the sale yard sale leftovers. How adorable!

THANKS ladies for the money, for the company and for being kindred souls. I need that kind of support every once in awhile to know that I am not alone out here in central texas junkin' land.


  1. we had a blast, cindy! thanks so much for letting us rummage through your garage treasures! it truly was a fun morning.

    yes, it is great to be with kindred souls!

    terry lee

  2. oh...thanks for inviting me!! hahaha. oh yeah, i live like 1500 miles away. i forgot! sounds like fun. pink tubs are awesome, but junkin pals are the best!! now terry lee will post what she found from
    take care cindy.