Tuesday, August 17, 2010

what can I buy for you?

You have asked what did I buy at the longest yard sale. Well, I don't yet have good pics of my load, but I do have pics to share of what was available. We started on Weds, the day before the yard sale officially opened. But not to worry, we did more shopping that day, than the other 2 days that we went when everything was open. We started at the very southern tip of the sale in Gadsden, AL.
The sale follows the Lookout Mountain Parkway which is a 2 and 4 lane state highway, not anything even remotely close to an Interstate, but it does parallel I 59 to Chattanooga.
Mapquest says it is a 2 hour drive along the Interstate from Gadsden to Chattanooga and it took us about 10 hours. Of course we made a ton of stops....at yard sales, at porta potties, at the Juliet Low Camp, at scenic look outs, at lunch, at anything and everything that took our fancy. And one wrong turn that took us about 10 miles out of our way.
One of the first yard sale stops was a place with about 6 vendors set up. Only one looked (and was priced) like people cleaned out their old stuff. The rest were "professionals". So anyone want some KISS statues. My sister put this on her facebook as we continued driving along and our brother wanted, wouldn't you know, the duck phone to the far left.
Another stop found us looking at a gazilion salt and pepper shakers. We passed.

My most major purchase in terms of price and size was this pedal car ($95) for my kids. I was supposed to be going to buy stuff to sell in my booth, but of course the kids' wants took center stage. We had to really twist and turn some things and slide the seats in the van, but we got 'er in. Two middle aged men actually loaded this goody for us. (and then supplied us with free fresh peaches and tomatoes). The same seller had a wonderful Hoosier cabinet, painted white for TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. I don't really want a Hoosier cabinet. I have no place in my kitchen for a Hoosier cabinet. But it HURT to leave that beauty behind. All the other similar cabinets I looked at were priced between $500 and $750 which made me want that one even more.
One stop on day two, north of Chattanooga, was at a field that rented out spaces and there were about 50 vendors. The plus side to this kind of stop is that you get to shop a lot of different sales with one parking job. the downside is that these are usually the professionals and things are higher priced. Why? Because they have done half the work for you. They go out all year and find goodies at yard sales and auctions and clean it up and then sell it to you.
This picture is an example. Someone peruses tons of thrift shops, yard sales and auctions to find this collection of vintage textiles and purses. Wouldn't it be fun to collect these gems year round, enjoy them for awhile and then pass them on??? I could get into that since I LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage linens. Did I buy any? NO Because I have boxes of them in the garage that aren't selling at the booth so why do I need to buy any more?
I prefer the onesies and twosies sales where you have to dig thru a ton of real crap to find a gem or two. Of course, that doesn't guarantee good prices either.
OK, not officially a yard sale, we did stop at a pottery outlet in Chattanooga. Why? Because it looked neat and we wanted to and there was no one to tell us we couldn't/shouldn't/can't/won't/don't. We didn't buy any of these but all 3 of us loved them. Mushrooms made out of concrete. I just bet you this is the bottom of the cement mixer leftovers after a big job that they make into mushrooms. They are formed around metal spikes and rebar pieces to stick them in the ground. Also left overs I bet. Prices on these were around $15 each. Really cool and I gotta figure out how to make some. At another stop, or maybe the same one as the purses and linens my sister bought this teak chair for $20. It is in great shape and SOLID.
As we were unloading stuff to shift and move to make room for the chair, my mom decided it was time to take a picture of how full the van was. HUH? This ain't anywhere near full! She should have seen me when I junked in Germany! Or when I take a big load to the booth! Or when I drive kids to and from school!
Since my mom was flying to and from St Louis she didn't want to buy much. She did say that if she lived close enough she would have spent some serious money. But for her it was a great trip with her two oldest daughters. All she bought to take home was this leopard print tote bag. She bought a stack of .50 decorator magazines and then left them for my sister and I to read when we got back to Texas.
Didn't buy these but fell in love with them. The green and the blue one both. Each priced at $20 if I remember correctly. Pretty much these are the CHEAP colored glass you can find at any thrift store, but coordinated, stacked and epoxied to make a totem. They are really pretty with the bright sunshine outside in a garden. Think I need to start collecting some cheap colored glass now! Good, because I really need another project. You know I might run out of things to do if I don't keep filling the garage with projects!
OK so all those pictures and not a one of anything I actually bought. I might get those pictures taken and posted this year. Then again, maybe not.

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